Saturday, July 19, 2014

What Birds Know . . .

I wish I could tell you that I was a consistent blogger. I wish blogging came easy for me. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for people who have umpteen creative ideas swirling around in their heads and can sit down and peck out something incredible in a moment's notice. Not me. I can go weeks, even months without something prompting a post. Most days I'm far from a keyboard when life sparks an idea and by the time I sit down to blog, I've forgotten what it was I was going to write about. Sigh.

Not this morning though. In fact, every time I pass by my back door I have this tender picture before me. It draws me—beckons me to put ink (or keys) to what the Lord is speaking to my heart. It all started with drizzling rain and a baby bird.

I saw it long before dawn. There is was soaking wet, perched on my deck railing. I took a glance, then a long stare. Was it resting (I was hopeful)? Sick? Tired? Sick AND tired? Was it injured? I knew there was a nest in a bush on the side of our house so I plotted and planned a way that I might be able to return it. Surely it could fly. I mean, how else would it get up on the rail? I told my [who I thought was compassionate] husband and he said, "I hate birds. They just poop everywhere." So, I decided I would just ignore it—hoping it might fly away. Ignoring it or pretending it wasn't there was easier said than done.

Every few minutes I would pass by the back door and look out. Friends, I couldn't believe my eyes. I went to the bedroom for a better, closer look. Sure enough, there it was. To that sweet baby bird's rescue was another bird. It's Momma maybe? Grandmother? Sister? Aunt, neighbor, co-worker, friend? Was this bigger bird a stranger who saw this baby alone, scared, in desperate need of help? I sat very still so that I could watch. Bigger bird inched its way closer to baby bird. Close enough now that they were almost touching. I though of Tom Cruise in Top Gun when he said, "I will not leave my wing man."

In the blink of an eye, or the flap of a wing, God spoke loud and clear. There are people out there who need us. We have family, co-workers, neighbors and friends who are waiting for someone to come alongside of them. This bigger bird couldn't do much for baby, but it was there. Standing guard, bringing comfort. Reminding this baby that it was not alone. In the pouring rain, stuck on a narrow wooden board, but not alone.

And even sweeter still, God reminds me . . . and you, that we too, are not alone. His presence and His comfort are as close to us as the bigger bird is to that sweet baby bird. Sometimes He sends someone to scoot in next to us; other times, He wraps His arms around us and holds us tight Himself. Circumstances may look bleak, but He is there. Death, sickness, relationship struggles, finances, job issues, just the day-in-day-out pressures of life: HE. IS. THERE. Did you catch that? You are not alone. Let me say it again: You, dear reader, are NOT alone.

Look at the birds . . . careless in the care of God. And you count far more to Him than birds. - Matthew 6/The Message

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