Monday, April 14, 2014

Five W's

Surely at some point in your life, you’ve heard of the five W’s. You know them: Who, what, when, where and why. This “system” of rounding up information is used on everything from enhanced learning, website evaluations and even for digging deeper in journalism.

This morning as I was sorting out some things with the Lord, I realized that I was using this same method, even with Him. Several situations in my life where I’ve scratched my head, wrestled in my heart, questioned without answers and even doubted in the dark what God has so faithfully shown in the light.

Maybe you’ve been there. If not for you, then for someone you love. Ever ask these questions? Lord, what are you doing? What are you up to, anyway? What are you working on that my eyes have yet to see?

Or maybe, you’ve been waiting.  Is the question on your heart today simply, “When, Lord?” Learning to trust Him in the waiting can be so very hard.

The question of where isn’t far from some of us either. Where are you in this God? Where were you when ____________________. Where, God, where?

And then there is the hardest question of all: Why. Why, God? Why have you allowed this? Why have you not prevented this? Why have you not intervened? Why have you not _________________.
Why, God? W H Y?

I purposefully left off the first W, because for me it’s the only one I can answer completely and confidently: Who. He is God and He is faithful. He may or may not answer all of our nagging questions. We may or may not see Him work in the situations where we’ve prayed and waited for Him to. But what we can know is Who He is and all that He does promise to do, to be for us. What great comfort there is in knowing Who I can depend on. Who I can trust. Who I can put my faith in to not only save my soul, but walk with me through this crazy life. Of all the five W’s, this is the most important, the most significant. And at the end of the day, it’s the only one that really does matter.

Take hold of His hand and let Him take hold of your heart. Knowing Who He is will prove to be more beneficial than gaining answers to any questions that you may be wrestling with today. He loves you
so . . . He’s never going to let you go. Even with all your questions, in spite of all your questions, regardless of all those crazy stinkin’ questions.  Guess what? I still don’t know what. Still waiting on when. Don’t even know where. Why is still swirling at times. Oh, but I do know Who. And for today, my heart is resting in Who I know Him to be. I pray yours will, too.

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