Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Emma's BIG Adventure

So, I'm finally getting around to creating a blog. I've had all kinds of things swirling around in this head, so I've been real excited to get this thing started. But for today, I'm pushing all those other "things" aside so that I can share my afternoon while babysitting with Rowe at Ashley and Knox's house.

The McCoy's have two dogs. I'm a BIG dog lover, so at least one of these canine's has a warm place in my heart. His name is Ajax. Or "Jax" for short. He's a big ole' white mixed dog, who has the most incredible personality. Then there is Emma. It's not that I don't like her ... but saying I'm scared to death of her would be more like it. We have some history together ... so let's just say that french doors between us suits me just fine. Emma lives outside. I stay inside. Works great.

There's one rule about Emma and trust me, you never break it. Never ... NEVER let Emma in the house. Not that you would do it intentionally, but sneaky Emma can pull a fast one and before you know it ... she might weezle her way inside. I didn't actually know what would happen if Emma got in - only know that Ashley has reinforced that command over and over again. Let me write it one more time: "Never let Emma inside, Mom."

That's where my story begins. Let me set the stage for you: Jax sleeping on the rug, Rowe sleeping in his swing. A bowl of chili heating up in the microwave ... and Emma, outside, barking her fool head off. Several times I opened the french doors just to say, "SHUT UP, EMMA!"

Some time passed and I went in the bedroom to gather up some laundry. All of a sudden, I hear the scrambling of not one dog ... but two. You guessed it. Emma was in the house. My guess is that she shoved the door open and made her big break for the hard wood. I have no words to describe the sheer terror I felt when I realized Cujo was in the house. I nearly panicked. My own words of "whatever you do, stay calm" were echoing in my head. Okay, I did panic. I scrambled for the broom. I ran to Rowe. Emma was running from room to room like a child who had been locked up in a candy store. She was up the stairs and down ... on the chair, on the floor. On the couch. On Rowe's blanket. Okay, now she's gone way too far. All of a sudden, I was no longer afraid. Maybe it was the wad of ham in one hand and the pink broom in the other. With Rowe safely in his bassinette and Jax outside, it was all or nothing for me. I might die that day, but it would not be without a good broom fight. So after a skinned shin and a stubbed toe, Emma was safely back outside.

I now understand why Ashley tells me, "Never let Emma inside."

Emma is fast asleep on the porch with the sun beating down on her. I just know she's dreaming of getting inside once again for another big adventure.

Some lessons in life we only have to learn one time. Emma NOT coming inside ever again on my watch is definitely one of them.


  1. Oh, I am thrilled that you have joined us in the blogosphere! Your story about Emma made me laugh so hard. I love you dearly and hope your 2009 has been super so far!

  2. Emma must be a cousin to Marley! Not that I've seen the movie yet, but I can't wait to. Girlfriend, You have a God-given gift for writing among many other gifts. Keep it up. I loved it! cl